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Friday, 9 November 2012

Quinn Soon to Have Contacts in Eye Places

We went to Q's eye appnt today. 

Good news is that physiologically he looks ok. The opthalmologist says he is not concerned about anything developmental and that this is probably pure genetics. He says from what he can tell Q should be able to have Lasik in future. 

For now he is getting specs - with super thick lenses - with an updated prescription, and we are going to trial some contact lenses. Both the Optometrist & Opthalmologist think the contacts should allow him to see better, as the thick lenses on specs cause some, erm what's the opposite of magnification?... 'smallination' so while they crisps things up it actually makes them smaller and harder to see. Which he says explains why Q can't read the smaller letters on the test charts and that this should improve with contacts.

He has been asking for contacts for a while now, and I told him it was going to depend on personal hygiene habits and maturity and I think we are pretty much there now. So we are going to go ahead and try that out!

In the mean time we await the contacts and new specs.

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