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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

GET 2013 Recognition Awards - Winners & Runners Up!

We recently held a Recognition Awards process at work, whereby 4 categories were:

- BRINGING OUT THE BEST (Everyday Leadership)



Anyone could nominate anyone else, and all nominations had to accompany a form detailing the nomination and substantiating WHY the person was worthy of the award.

A team of judges was chose - comprising of the senior management team (which I am part of) and a bunch of selected others to ensure a nice rounded and balanced viewpoint. Judges were told to judge purely on the written nomination and try to read them as if they don't know the nominees. So the winners were to be those with the best nominations, not just those that we as management thing are great. In this way the quieter unsung heros could also feature strongly. Not just those loud A-types who demand attention and recognition as a matter of course.

I was fully behind this initiative as I have a phenomenal team who are highly skilled, productive, efficient, and reliable and moreover they are (or rather were before I took them over) rather under-appreciated and undervalued.

I call them TEAM AWESOME. Because as far as I am concerned they ARE all 'Certified Awesome'

Anyway the point is Team Awesome proved just how freaking phenomenally awesome they are because not only did we receive 22 of the 56 nominations, but also had 3 runner's up.

A second for Bringing Out The Best, Team Player and Going the Extra Mile.

But we also got 2 WINS!

For Innovation (a very deserved win for my rock-star Automation Specialist!) and then for Bringing Out the Best - Everyday Leadership - which I was flabbergast to find that I won! With 6 (out of 10) nominations!

I then made a complete fool of myself at the Karaoke party afterwards! 

This was me leading a horrendous rendition of 'Bob The Builder' (and I do wish I was kidding!) LOL

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