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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Griffin saves the day as Tinker-Balls

My boys have been volunteering (via Scouts) to assist at the Rotary Noddy Christmas Parties for the past 3 years now. They are usually Clowns or  Goblins - who play with the kids, provide entertainment and help with various things (fetching and carrying, handing out food, sweets, ice-creams etc.) It's a great way to do some community service and charity-type work, but it is also great fun for them. My boys attended the 'Uncle Paul's' parties (very similar and same format but at Groot Constantia) when they were little, so it is nice to be able to 'give back' and help to create that magic for other kids now.

Last year Griffin was selected to be NODDY for the 3 nights he helped. Which meant he was one of the stars of the show and got to drive up front in the Noddy car etc. and of course the little kids just love him - well until Father Christmas arrives anyway...
 :lol: :lol: 

This is another friend from scouts as Noddy below, but gives and idea of what it is all about... 


Both my boys did their duties last Thursday with Quinn a Goblin and Griffin being Noddy again. Last night Quinn had a party to attend so only Griff helped. When I went to collect him at 21:30 there was a lady waiting for me in the parking lot. She asked if I could go around back with her.

I was like 'Okaaay...?'
She went on to say, 'Don't worry Griff is ok... but I just want to show you how we traumatised him.'
:?: :idea: :?: 
Wait, WHAT!?

Anyway we went around the back of the building and there all the rotary adults were having a braai and drink after the show and toasting Griffin 'or Foddy'* as they were calling him for being the star and saviour of the day. Then I saw he was covered in sparkly glitter.

What happened was he performed as Noddy and then the fairy (who is quite important to the script on the night and is needed to usher in Father Christmas, turn of the lights and hand out the sweetie packets did not show up, so they were in a complete pickle. They asked Griffin to be the fairy and he was willing to oblige. So they dressed him up as a girl and sent him out as the fairy! Now normally the fairy is a little ballerina girl in a  tu-tu.. I think Griff looked more like a Christmas Tree topping angel!

Apparently he did very well, but is not all that lady-like, sitting with his legs open and instead of waving his wand gracefully to turn the lights out, wielded it more like a Harry-Potter spell wand.
:lol: :lol: :lol: 
Apparently the Father Christmas slipped in a few little jokes during the course of the evening, like "Oh here's my fairly 'Tinker-balls!' "

Anyway, I was so chuffed that he was prepared to be cooperative and helpful and to not be hung up about 'dressing like a girl' (Quinn probably would have been.) It was so cute to see him the centre of attention afterwards and high-fiving all these grown men who were in admiration.

He was rewarded for his help by being given about 3 slabs of chocolate and a whole milk tart to take home.

I have asked them to send me photos, I'll share some if they do!

*Foddy = Noddy+Fairy


  1. Love this! You are doing a great job with your boys

  2. I think it is so cool that he was willing to do that