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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Rio Carnival - Gr7 Farewell

Last week Quinn and I went off to his Grade 7 Farewell Cocktail dinner.

It was a fabulous production at the High School, all arranged by the Grade 6s, teachers and parents. I was so impressed by how much trouble they went to and the attention to detail and how much fuss they went to. It was amazing!

My boy was an absolute gentleman too. Despite also being cool and one of the guys, he was very dapper in his uniform and walked me into the event on his arm (as his partner for the evening). I was most impressed.

When we arrived we were served cocktails. The boys got mocktails and the parents got Strawberry Daiquiris - which were yummy! I think I had 3. ;)

After mingling and milling around the Grade 6s arrived in full Rio Carnival gear and had a carnival procession. They then flanked the entrance to the hall and cheered as the Gr7s made their way into the hall. They were cheering them as if they were celebrities or sports stars, it was quite something, and quite a right of passage and symbolic of them leaving the primary school and entering the high school. But for that night they were the 'main manne' and the stars of the night.

Once the boys had entered the hall the parents were invited to enter and find our tables. The hall was decorated beautifully too.

A boys from each Grade 7 class got on stage and spoke about the year in their class. Most of this was both touching and very humourous. It sounds like they have had a wonderful and very memorable year. The teachers also spoke about their experiences with their classes this year and gave life-advice for the boys to take forward.

Dinner was lovely too. 

The boys then each got a school mug and year book full of photos and memories. It really was a wonderful evening!

Quinn I am proud of you!

The official photos are HERE

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