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Thursday, 10 April 2014

20+ week fetal anatomy scan done

We went for the 20+ week fetal anatomy scan yesterday. It was amazing. The technology and resolution has progressed SO much in the past 10-15 years. Previously it was kind of a case of 'yup, there's a heart and it's beating at the right speed, all good'. Now they can see, check and measure SO MUCH. It is incredible. We had an amazing u/s tech (same as last time) and she is brilliant. She is very detailed and thorough and explains exactly what she is looking at, the measurements she is doing and what she is looking for and why - I know a lot about anatomy and physiology anyway so this level of detail of developmental anatomy is fascinating!!! - and she has such a nice manner, she makes it so very interesting and enjoyable too. She strikes a great balance between making it fun and entertaining while still doing all the medical-scientific stuff she needs to for her job.

Baby is looking perfect and every measurement is spot on as it should be and all sizes and growth is exactly on dates. 

I was also amazed at how they can now check for risk of pre-eclampsia! as well as other more obvious checks like pre-term labour etc. Pretty cool since it used to happen seemingly 'randomly', so it's nice to know that there are known causes and they can be assessed early.

The little guy was quite active and was swallowing, waving, doing bicycle legs and moving all over. He moved from head down to head up and back again during the scan. At one point, when we were trying to get a clear view of the pulmonary artery arch, she prodded my belly to try to get him to shift over and he waved his fist around as if in protest. It was quite funny.

Anyway, all looks good, and that's it now. No more screening or scans besides monthly midwife visits.

This is starting to get fun now. :)

#MyYearOf40 #ProjectSurroBaby

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