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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Scary moment after Spar Ladies' Race

This guy went a bit postal on me on Sunday... 

After I ran the Spar Ladies Race I was exhausted and just wanted to lie down and rest, but I had to find my boys. This is NOT EASY in a crowd of about 25 000 people (there were 22 340 participates and then spectators too). I spent a full hour walking up and down and all around. But is was difficult to move anywhere, so it was slow going and you had to keep dodging people and waiting for a gap etc etc. 

So at one point this skinny clearly competitive runner (black man) marches at full pace through the throng just expecting everyone to part like the red sea so he can get through. As he got to me he just barrelled full steam into me. He clearly expected that I'd jump out of the way before he hit me, but there was nowhere to go, and I stood my ground, because after an hour of being considerate and polite and waiting my turn the whole time I wasn't going to let someone else just bulldoze through as if they owned the place. 

So he just bashed full force directly into me like a head on collision. Which HURT! He then looked annoyed at ME and then started walking around me. I was annoyed so as he passed I elbowed him and said 'Hey watch where you are going' (Admittedly I shouldn't have done this and causing conflict is generally not my style, but I was hot, tired, annoyed and just so over being in that crowd...). 

OMG He turned around and KLAPPED me, hard, on the arm and came and screamed right in my face. I was so taken aback and quite scared. He made to hit me again and I just yelled, 'Calm down. Please leave me alone. I am pregnant'. he carried on yelling and cursing at me and then said I mustn't beat people if I am pregnant. !?. It was awful, and he kept yelling and being really aggressive. I kept saying 'You can't just walk into people'. But he wasn't going to stop, so I eventually said 'Just F**K OFF!' and he finally went away.

I was so rattled and shaken though I ended up bursting into tears, which I NEVER do. It was horrible. It is scary how aggro people can be with so little provocation though. Although I admit if I just let him 'walk all over me' so to speak without reacting it probably wouldn't have happened, so I know I am not blameless... I hate situations like that. So unpleasant and unnecessary!

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