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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Team Awesome Owning the Mutual Madness Relay Race

My team and I took part in a relay race at lunch time today called the Mutual Madness Relay – which was part of the build up to the 2Oceans in a few weeks – we each had to run 1.4kms.


Yoh, running has become tough! But I RAN (ok jogged) the whole 1.4km of it which is good enough for me – being 20 weeks pregnant and all.


Team Awesome were awesome, as usual, and we did great as a team and are so nutty we were featured on the KFM FB page. :)

While we may not have won in terms of speed we were definitely the best dressed and 
best team spirit of all those there.



From the KFM FB Page...



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