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Saturday, 5 January 2008

Anniversary Dinner

So Richard was in charge of arranging our anniversary dinner. I made a few suggestions like Madame Zingaras (fully booked), Colcachios in Camps Bay (Italian), or Blues in Camps Bay (Steak & Sea food) etc, but left it up to him....

Well first he took me to a trendy cafe/bar in Kloof Street for Mojito cocktails. My favourite! Then we went to Yindis just around the corner. It's a Thai restaurant! He had obviously been there earlier because half our house was there!
Embarassed Embarassed Laughing Laughing
He had decorated our table and surrounds with flowers, one of our vases we bought back from Thailand, a wedding photo, a family photo of us with the boys. An Asian comfy cushion he gave me for Valentines was on my chair etc.

I was floored because we were so on the same wave length, cos his huge surprise gift is that we are going back to Thailand in June/July!!! ... and he had NO IDEA, and Q & G have managed to keep the secret beautifully. The boys are coming along with us this time.

After dinner I was presented with a gift. He had been to the Woolies sale and got a 'Reindeer Sleigh Tool Kit'. Cute little metal lunch box with chocolate tools in it. Loads of innuendo with those! Anyway I open it up and half the tools had been removed and replaced with a little blue box, which had a diamond ring inside!!!!!!
My original wedding ring didn't survive (long story) and I have been wearing a cheap crap ring I bought myself as a replacement, and now I have a proper ring again!!
Smile Smile
We talked and talked and talked, and then decided to pop into Stones for some fun on the way home, and we played 3 games of pool. I eventually had to take my shirt off, as per the dare, after losing badly to reveal the bustier I was wearing.
We got the DJ to play some songs for us and danced alone on the empty dance floor and didn't care.

It was a wonderful perfect evening! I can't believe we have been married for 10 years. We are actually much happier and have more fun now that we used to in the beginning. It's great!

Now we scrimp and save for our family holiday!


  1. Oh wow, what an awesome gift and your dinner sounds wonderful!!!
    I think he has made up for Christmas day ;)

  2. Sounds lovely! Happy Anniversary Jane.

  3. How awesome. He gets major points for that! Its my 5 year anniv on the 1st of Feb and I am gonna make Gary read this to get inspired!

  4. How AWESOME is THAT. I am very very very jealous.

  5. *SIGH* What a perfect evening....