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Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Fab New Years Party!

We were invited to a New Years party a few weeks ago. It's a friend we haven't seen in quite a while, about a year. So we weren't 100% sure if we would go.... We get on well with her, but live quite far apart and don't have much in common so we seldom see her any more (Her ex was Richard's business partner a few years ago...) Anyway the invite said she was having a house party in Camps Bay. It sounded nice, but I thought it would be a small and quiet evening, and I was thinking of doing something a bit more wild... anyway the days went by and we didn't plan anything else properly, so we accepted her invite gratefully. We then got invited to another house party by a closer friend, whose children are friends with the boys, but we had to decline as we had already accepted the other one.....

So yesterday we set off with the boys to Camps Bay, with our cooler box of drinks and snacks, for our little party in Camps Bay. We also took our special magnum bottle of Pierre Jourdan Brut, to celebrate New Year and our pending 10 year anniversary!

Well we were not prepared for what we found! Our cooler box went unopened because, our friend has a new beau in her life and he has just bought this Camps Bay house which he is planning to renovate extensively, and he had decided to have a huge party in it as is before the renovations.

The party was fully catered, with at least 10 catering staff, there were chill out areas in the garden and the whole place was decorated in Bedouin d├ęcor all over it was magical. There was a DJ and open bar too!

There must have been at least 100 people there, we got welcome cocktails at the door, served in Martini glasses. The house is STUNNING and has the most spectacular views of the ocean, Lion's Head and the 12 Apostles and Oudekraal etc and the best part is you can hardly see any other houses. It's breath-taking.

We lounged on bright cushions in the garden, sipping cocktails until we were called in for dinner: Fillet, Yellow Tail Fish, Chicken, loads of stunning salads, cous cous, breads etc etc etc. We ate till we were full. Then while lounging and chatting some more dessert was set up right in front of us in the garden. 2 chocolate fountains! One white and one dark chocolate with strawberries, marshmallows, wafers, fudge, Turkish delight, watermelon, grapes etc etc. Can you say heaven!? I think my boys thought they had died and gone to heaven. :)

After all that is was definitely time to get up and get moving. There was quite a young crowd, lots of sexy girls and loads of young guys. ;) Some of them were very funny to watch. Very colourful and bizarre people!

Anyway the DJ got going and we all started dancing. Griffin danced with me for a bit and then the boys went to bed at around 10pm or so. While Richard was off settling them in their sleeping bags I had an interesting encounter with another woman on the dance floor. (Might tell you more another time!)

Richard came back and we danced and danced and danced. At midnight we popped our Magnum Bottle of Pierre and shared it with our hosts. The bubbly did it's thing and we danced and danced. at 1:30am the DJ left and the host took over with his own music selection on his laptop fed through a serious music system. I drove the play-list for a while (someone thought I was a DJ LMAO). I do vaguely recall yelling 'DJ Jane is in da house!' at some point. *blush* Hehehe.

Anyway we tried to leave at 2:45am, but the music made us stay so we finally left after 3:30am.

It was a ROCKING party, and one of the best New Years we have ever had!
Happy 2008 to everyone!!!!


  1. Wow...that sounds wonderful! Glad you had such a great New Years celebration!!!

  2. Jane, I want to hear about this other girl! Now!

  3. That sounds amazing. Love the idea of the 2 chocolate fountains!! You're going to have to tell your other story :)