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Wednesday, 23 January 2008

My new ring

As mentioned previously my (10 year) anniversary present this year was a replacement wedding ring!

My original one survived for about 5 years - and then got into a nasty accident (involving a hammer - don't ask!). So I have been wearing a cheap and ugly self-bought one ever since.

My new ring has been resized and is now proudly displayed on my hand. It's white gold, with a beautiful sparkling solitaire diamond.
Please keep all hammers away from me! ;)


  1. That is STUNNING Jane!!! I love it.
    Your hands look JUST like my mom's....not age wise obviously but the fingers and colour sjoe...would have thought those are my mom's hand years ago

  2. That's gorgeous! You lucky fish!

  3. Mel - I do have old hands... never looked after them, and I cracked my joint incessantly when I was little so my knuckles are gnarly. I don't love my hands at all, but they are mine and they work so they'll do :)

    Thanks, I really like the ring too.


  5. The ring is beautiful Jane
    I hope your husband has learnt to hide all the hammers in the house now :)