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Sunday, 20 January 2008

Back away from the scissors mom!

When am I going to learn that I am not a hairdresser!?
Embarassed Embarassed
Frik man... his hair was looking ok, but too long, so instead of my usual scissor attack I went at him with the clippers, and well and truly butchered his hair...

Damn damn!!!

He just came in post swim and it seems better wet (as per last pic), so maybe I can gel him up for school tomorrow???

This is before, just after and after swimming:

So what should I do?
- Just use the clippers and give him a No 4 all over?
- Take him to the hairdresser asap tomorrow, hoping they can do something to salvage it?
- Gel it for now, and let it grow out a bit?

How bad is it?
Confused Confused


  1. I would use clippers. It will be neat and it will grow out's just hair but I know how you feel

  2. LOL, I'd use the clippers. I'm sitting here giggling at you!

  3. Make sure he swims lots, looks cool when wet!

  4. Ok for now I have eft it. If we mess his hair up with gel and water it actually looks ok. So I will let it grow out again and see how it goes. NEXT time he'll get it professionally cut though... promise ;)