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Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Another Big Boy Milestone

Griffin had a Milestone last week.

He lost his first tooth!

It's been wiggly for a while and after bumping it 3-4 times within a few days it finally gave out when he and Quinn collided while he was swimming. He was initially upset until he realised the tooth had come out and then, well excitement reined!Of course a letter/picture was dutifully created for the Tooth mouse and was tucked into the special Tooth mouse pillow at bedtime. The Mouse arrived during the night and deposited 2 shiny R5 coins.

Our baby is growing up!


  1. Ah, schweet!Now that is a milestone. I still remember my first tooth. I got a whole 'Bok' Rand. Remember those bigs R1 coins?

  2. Yes those huge coins were so silly, but so special. I felt so rich when I had one :)

  3. He lost the second one a week or so later!