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Thursday, 27 March 2008

High on the Parlotones

I got to see the Parlotones again last night... that's 4 times I have seen them live now and I love them more each time.

I love love love them... as in a LOT. I know every word and sing along like a loon. *grin*

Last night they were at the Willowbridge Barnyard Theatre in Cape Town, and they did an awesome double set including (not in this order, there were too many to remember the sequence):
I'm Only Human
Window Shopper
Baby Be Mine
Perfect Place
Bird In Flight
Giant Mistake
Dragonflies & Astronauts
The Sun Comes Out
Radio Controlled Robot
I'll Be There
Disappear Without a Trace
Funny Face
Here Comes the Man
An old song: Long Way Home and
A cover of Koos Kombuis's Lisa Se Klavier

How frikken rocking is that set!?

I now have both my CDs autographed by all the band members, and have a t-shirt....and pics with Kahn!!!



  1. Looks like you had a fabulous time!!

  2. ooooooh AGAIN??

    do you know how lucky you are??