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Wednesday, 19 March 2008

High as a Kite

The boys were given kites by my dad for their belated Christmas presents, and a few weeks ago on a Sunday afternoon I took them off to try them out for the first time.

It was perfect weather and we went down to Blouberg, where there was a steady gentle sea breeze ideal for kite flying. Both boys were flying their kites skillfully in no time. A friend of mine, who had joined us, showed Quinn how to loop his kite, which he has been able to do really well since. It was a wonderful day out, and the kites have proved to be great gifts.

The next week I saw the movie The Kite Runner. About boys and kites. It was a fitting movie and it was wonderful to see these kites flying and looping and 'dog fighting' after just learning how to do it. Special times.

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  1. Love the photos Jane. I should get a kite for the boys. I'm sure they'll love it