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Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Egg donor udate: Nearly time to lay

I'm just back from my last gynae visit before the big day on Friday, when I go in for the egg retrieval procedure.

All is still looking good, and the gynae seems happy.

I am still impressed at how simple and really easy this has been. I had expected it to be way worse. I have gained 2kgs and have been feeling a bit emotional and lazy, but I really don't think I can blame that all on this, although I am sure it has played a role... But otherwise I have had no pain or even discomfort and have pretty much felt normal.

Some stats if you are interested:
- Number if viable eggs I am growing - 8-10 (Octuplets anyone!?!)
- Number of scans (internal - Gynae TV FTW! ;)) I have had - 5
- Number of injections I have given myself - 11 (another 2 to go)
- Number of injections the gynae has given me - 5 (and drew blood once)
- Current size of eggs - 18 (I am unsure of the measurement units)

Now I have to inject myself with Lucrin at exactly 12am tonight and 12pm tomorrow morning... Timing is critical for this, and this is the last stage in maturing the eggs and making sure they are ready at exactly the right time. This time the jabs are with normal hypodermic syringes. Fun fun fun!

I go in on Friday morning and should be home at around lunch time, where I will need to rest for the afternoon.

I am getting my Mirena replaced at the same time, so in a couple of week I should be back to normal again.

I'll suspend my final judgments until after the retrieval on Friday, but so far this really hasn't been bad at all, and not as inconvenient as I was expecting either. The process has been efficient, well managed, friendly, caring and pretty simple really. Although I won't be doing it again - this is a once off for me, I am getting a bit old, and I only wanted to do it once anyway - I would certainly encourage others who want to do it to go for it.

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  1. You are amazing Jane. I wish that I had told you that at 12Plein more often. The future is yours for the taking!
    Be strong.