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Friday, 17 October 2008

Da Da Daaa DaDaDa!

I LOVE this song

Goldfish - 'Soundtracks and Comebacks' from Bru Boegie on Vimeo.

...and every time I hear it I kick myself for not getting up to see them at Rocking the Daises and then not getting to chance to go see them at Tiger Tiger either. BUGGER!!!

(I could not find the lyrics on the net *shock and horror* So I had to transcribe them myself!)

I wanna take you to a place not very far from here.
Don't have to travel for a week to let down your hair.
It's the kind of place to show your face, and no one cares;
What you do, or what you say, or what you wear.

It's no secret you can find it if you look inside,
Yourself and no one else.
It'll have to be a bumpy ride.
We've been searching all our lives and now we know it's there.
It's a magic place.

No matter how much you wanna leave, you're gonna come back!
And when you come back you're gonna hear the soundtrack.

Da da daaa dadada dadada dadada...

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