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Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Boys + practical joking = a given?

Boys seem to inherently want to one-up and prank people. Especially it seems those closest to them... like their friends and brothers.

3 recent examples:

Griffin got home from school one day, really lugging his school bag. He was visibly straining. Tiny helped him off with it and helped him to unpack it - where upon she found a 2l bottle full of water inside it!
Why you may ask? I certainly did... Well, it turns out that Quinn put it there in the morning, because he thought it would be funny for Griffin to carry it around all day long. Shame man!

Then, a couple of days later, Griffin comes home from school in his uniform. Not his aftercare clothes. Why? Well his aftercare clothes were wet. Why? Because his juice leaked all over them. Again WHY? Well Quinn thought it would be funny to sneakily put 3 pin holes in the lid of the juice bottle.

Are you spotting a trend here..?

So yesterday we get home and Quinn brought his school bag to my bedroom to check his home work etc. He opened the bag, stuck in his hand and pulled out a huge over-ripe banana!
He was horrified. He HATES bananas.
:twisted: :lol:
LOL. I have no idea who put it there. But OMW there is never a dull moment with boys is there?!?


  1. Oi Jane. You are a calm mother. I would have spanked his bottom or kanived with the little one to prink him back.

  2. Boys will be boys hey LOL

  3. Classic!

    PS: They both have their mother's mischievous streak