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Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Randomz from Nov

The tortoise that nearly was:

When we went to Griffin's school camp out we found this cute tortoise. How? Well, we found Roxy gnawing on it! At first we thought she was chewing her cow hoof thing and then we discovered it was this poor little thing... For reasons I can't really explain I have always wanted a tortoise. I just love them. They are so cool. Anyway I was SO tempted to take this little critter home. In fact we kept her in a cooler box terrarium for 2 nights. But before we left my conscience go the better of me and we let her go.
Griffin lost his second 'big bunny tooth' (as Quinn would call it):

While we were away at the same school camp out G got kicked in the face during some rough swimming, but quickly forgot to be upset when he realised his tooth had been kicked out.
Resulting in a R20 payment from the Tooth Mom - we are not kidding anyone here anymore about where the cash comes from! ;)

Griffin turned 8:
My little man is now 8 years old. He has suddenly grown up. I (I mean HE) mostly wanted a soccer ball for his birthday, so that's what he got! He was pretty chuffed with it.
Both are growing up:

I am really loving the stages they are at now. Cute, funny, helpful, mischievous, independent, cuddly and just FUN!


  1. I have also always wanted a tortoise! We used to go to Mitchels Park in Durban and see these HUGE ones there!!

    Happy happy to your little man :)

  2. very cute.

    i didn't know you could keep them as pets.

  3. Very cute tortoise, I was also under the impression you have to register them, because they're endangered.
    LOL about the tooth, and glad you also give your boys R20 for them.