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Wednesday, 23 December 2009

What's done is done & shan't be undone

So this morning the boys and I trekked off to home affairs. Expecting queues, ignoramuses, slow service, red tape, bureaucracy, general annoyance and frustration, plus significant costs.

I had wanted to get there by 8am, to get there before the long queues, but I only woke up at 8:30, so that plan was out the window. Still I was determined to tackle that today so we went anyway, expecting to be there for quite some time. I woke up feeling quite down and grump so I'll admit I went in rather cynical.

However the service I received was kind, helpful, friendly, sympathetic and effective. A lovely and gentle Zulu (Kumalo is Zulu isn't it?) man helped us.

My name change was processed immediately. Since I was going back to a previously registered name this part was pretty simple. It is merely a 'revert'. It took one simple form, a few clicks on the computer and hey presto it was done. I am now officially Jane Fraser again. Cost for doing this R0.00. Score. Also because I still have my original ID books I don't have to apply for a new one, I'll simply use one of the ones I have. Yay!

I expected an issue with the boys' applications, so I typed up a long letter yesterday detailing the situation and the reason for the request. Mr Kumalo read this, understood and processed the boy's forms as needed. I then paid the prescribed fee: R70 each. This is way less than I expected.

So the forms are now in. This part however takes quite some time to process and aparently we'll need to wait about 6+ months for it to get finalised. It seems excessively long, but they'll need to issue new birth certificates etc I think. I guess there's not much we can do about this, so we'll just wait it out.

So it's done. I have my name back and the boys are on their way to being Frasers too. Feels good to be back in the Fraser Clan. :)
As the crest says: 'Je suis Prest' (I am ready!)


  1. I *love* Mr Mr Kumalo. and I also love your Fraser tartan.

    Wow it looks like the Fraser clan are good stock. I am sure they will be proud to include your boys under their name. xxxxxxx

  2. glad it was painless Ms Fraser.

  3. Good for you Ms Fraser :) Hope you and the boys have a great Christmas and special time together like you so deserve. All the best for a happy and prosperous 2010.

  4. I am SO proud of you.... incredibly. Well done Jane... again, you showed us how it is done.

    you go babe