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Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Child of my heart...<3

Quinn has got to be one of the most sweet and sensitive boys ever. He'll notice a hair cut, comment on a pretty nightie, and remember he gave me those 'spa' vouchers for Christmas for foot rubs etc..?

Well here are 3 more recent incidents:

- I got back from JHB and Q arrived home with friend A in tow. A has also just turned 10 and got her first tiny bras for her birthday which was while I was away. She lifted her shirt to show me, and I commented on her lifting her shirt in public. She looked around and saw that only Q was there, so she says 'Oh Quinn helped me choose it...'. I was like whaaat? But then I said, 'Yes he is actually pretty good at that, he's help me before, he has good taste' and A and her mom agreed.

- Then also while I was away A had a birthday camp-out. Q said he organised a 'spa treatment' for her with 2 other kids, where they put cucumber on her eyes, put flat stones in the sun to heat up and then gave her a 'hot stone massage' and a foot rub etc etc. I mean how many guys (or even girls) would think of stuff like that!?

- Then yesterday I took him and friends out for his birthday. We ended off with some arcade games where you get those silly tickets which you can cash in for trinkets. The other kids were scheming about what cool thing to get for themselves. Q turned to me and said, 'Do you like those teddies?... cos if I have enough tickets I'll get one for you.' *sniff* It was HIS birthday and he wanted to get something for me.

I love that boy and his big caring heart!!!


  1. He's a gorgeous boy :) How clever is that spa idea!

  2. Gosh that is so lovely Jane!

    Well done :)

  3. lovely manners ! that is very attractive :-)