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“The world is a tragedy to those who feel, but a comedy to those who think.” Horace Walpole

Thursday, 21 January 2010

In happier news

It was Griffin's class picnic tonight, and I really did not feel like adult company... so I rocked the play ground instead.

I suspect my maturity-level is sitting at around 12-years old a lot of the time because I so get along with the 6-15 age group (especially boys). I J-boarded up a storm, impressing a bunch of the young lads 'Wow, you J-board pretty well M'am' LMAO! I even helped teach a few of them how to do it. Then I climbed up the basketball pole (because they did, so I could too!).

One little boy, Jarrod, did not know WHAT to make of me, eventually he said, 'You're weird'. I asked why and he said it's cos I play so much. I said, 'Doesn't your mom play like this?' and he said, 'No way, she would never do this!'. So I said, 'Well I think it is MUCH more fun to play, and J-board, and climb trees and jump on jumping castles'. He didn't think ANY other adults would jump on a jumping castle. I said I sure would and That it's 'Much more fun than just sitting around... reading a newspaper or something'. He said, 'Yeah my dad does that'.

I asked if he was at the class camp out in November and he said no. His mom doesn't like camping, she is scared of snakes. I told him I am not scared of stuff like that. I catch frogs and thing I think they are cool.

Shame he looked a bit sad. So I said, 'But I bet your mom cooks a lot right?' He lit up and said yes. I went on, 'And I bet she makes really yummy stuff?'. He said she certainly did. So I said, 'Well there you go, I don't cook very well or very much at all... which is better yummy food or playing?' I think that gave him something to think about.

Most moms focus more on keeping house and cooking and nurturing. I just want to have fun and do stuff... we all have our pros and cons I guess....


  1. You are a very cool mom! Love that you have the other mom some validation though... she probably wouldn't have reciprocated ;)

  2. You rock being a Playmate Mum

  3. "Playground mom" - that could be your name:) You are obviously a very cool mom...and food is not THAT important.

  4. i recall a similar comment from FW's first wife when they divorced. she said she should have spent less time in the kitchen and sewing room & more time just holding his hand and laughing.

    lesson for us all hey !

  5. Jane I SO admire you! You are able to just stop and literally smell the roses!! I really need to do the sam, to just stop and really just play with my kids you know?

  6. Teehee... he had a bit of a lightbulb moment there, eh?