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Sunday, 14 October 2012

Gun Run 2012

So after getting 50 mins on the dot at the Woman's Day 10km race I have been trying to break that 50 mins barrier. I was hoping that all that running I did during that recent Hot-stepper's Challenge would help me achieve it. I have been training like a Mo-Fo!

I entered the Gun Run, which was one of my first ever races back in 2006. I haven;t done it for a few years though because it clashes with Rocking the Daisies and/or the Meiringspoort Half Marathon. But this year it didn't so I entered.

I thought I was well on track to have a good run but then yesterday it seemed like everything was conspiring against me. It looked like it was going to be shitty weather. SUPER windy and possibly rain. I felt tired and lethargic and PMSy. My legs were so stiff and sore crouching down hurt. I just wasn't feeling it. I knew I'd go and do the race no matter what, but I wasn't expecting any major result.

When the alarm went off this morning I sort of wanted to just go to sleep actually. But up I got up and off we went and suddenly things just fell into place. I got a good parking, managed to find an open loo for a last minute pre-race pee, got a spot right up front at the start and the weather was PERFECT. Warm, still and stunning. 

I had a slight equipment fumble as I started trying to turn on my iPOD, heart Rate monitor AND Nike Plus receiver but was quickly sorted and off I went.

It was a lovely run and it went really really well. I didn't feel like I was running that fast but I felt good and so I just kept going. It was a relatively easy run. As I got to the end I searched for the clock and when I saw it I could not believe that it was still on 48 mins! I crossed the line at 48:50. Which pretty much hit my goal of a sub-50 out the park!

I was so chuffed! I did a little dance... ;)



After I was done I ran back to find Griff, and found Quinn too, who'd slept over at a friend and was there too. I ran to the car and then back to the end and then back to find them because they still weren't finished and then had to go back to the car again. I did about 20km in total!


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