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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Like a Boss*!

*Like a Boss

Apparently it is Boss's Day today... who knew!?

Either way I have never been wished, acknowledged or gifted on this day before. In fact most of my previous flunkies and minions (Read: Developers) have been decidedly insubordinate!

And I haven't really had a proper admin person/assistant before. I've usually done all my own admin and minutes and filing and and and...

But now I have an amazing PSA (Project Support Assistant) who has made my life and job so much more efficient and effective and slick. She is so good and on the ball and she inspires me too. She has really whipped me into shape. So now I get my work done chop-chop and all my reports are always sent out on time. I call her the 'head-girl'. She is awesome!

 Look what she gave ME today!

Isn't that just awesome?!? Thanks Di I love you!

P.S. She is the one who came up with and organised the Hot-Stepper challenge too.

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