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Sunday, 14 October 2012

RTD 2012

This past week-end was ROCKING THE DAISIES!! Rocking the Daisies 2012 was our 7th in a row, yes sir we have been to every single one of them!
Chillaxing with feet up and beer after missioning there and setting up camp.
Awesome new bands I saw this year include: December Streets, Iso(chronous), Kongos, Desmond and the Tutus and Shadow Club. I hadn't seen any of these before and they were really really good. (In the order listed - descending.  I also saw Arno Crastens again, and he was good. But I always somehow feel he is over-hyped and is not as good as HE thinks he is. Blok Party where the headline act on Saturday night and honestly I was under-awed. The main stage was crowed and people were getting a bit grumpy and I was tired and a bit done, so half-way through their set I called it a night and went to bed.

Other awesome things from RTD this year. Some great Comedy sets. Bingo. For reals. I walked into the Lemon Tree Threatre on Saturday night to find the boys and the pace was PACKED with otherwise young, hot and hip people looking and acting like pensioners and fully absorbed and enthralled with their game of Bingo. It was hillare! I made a few 'Wtf?' type comments in passing and they claimed it to be great fun. Admittedly it did seem rather comedic, risque and off-the-wall. Alrighty then!

There was also the Schnit movie theatre, awesome food village, some fun and quirky shopping, the ever popular beach bar, electro tent (with Goldfish), and the camping area also had food, coffee, red bulls and all sorts of wonderment and merriment.

As always. I LOVED it. Here are some photos of the fun and games for RTD 2012!

Yup, Roxy 'the Puppy' was there again and got loads of love and attention as always. 
And yes she loved it as always despite a few rude comments from a couple of drunk assholes.


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