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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

#Moonlightmass 9.0

So we did the #Moonlightmass cycle again on 30 September. It was #Moonlightmass 9.0 which was my 4th time, Quinn's 3rd and Griffin's first.

The weather was lovely, so despite having already done a 22-23km run that morning as part of my Hot-Stepper's Challenge, and a 28km cycle to view the Art Auction at The Alphen and feeling pretty buggered afterward I decided I had to go do #Moonlightmass too, cos the weather was perfect and it was week-end AND school holidays which meant despite the late night Griffin could participate too.

Beryl, Al and their girls joined us and so did A and we had a great time. Griff found it a little bit long and tiring but I am sure he'll want to try again anyway.
And Quinn and I were photographed and featured in the local paper!

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