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Sunday, 28 September 2008

Boys meet puppy - & name is now changed

Ok so here's the scoop...

The puppy is a 6 month old Parsons Jack Russell (i.e the longer legged version which is harder to find, but I prefer them)...

The Embarassed Embarassed Embarassed thing is that the boys weren't even here this week-end. I was alone for most of the time, and after a less than pleasant human interaction yesterday afternoon I realised *I* want & need a puppy. The opportunity to get this one just kind of appeared when I was feeling down last night, and at 6 months old is still a puppy, but not a complete baby, so that gets rid of half my fears about having a puppy (being woken at night etc etc) and she is used to sleeping outside already... although she spent last night in the kitchen and the cats were outside.
When I went to get her last night I felt SO bad because the family were very sad to be giving her up... I spoke to a friendly man on the phone, but by the time I got there to look, this big tough man was in tears and couldn't really deal with me. The mom and 7 year old son had been crying too... Crying or Very sad

It seems a lot of people have had a tough year... They have 2 grown females, and the 3 pups. The adults dogs have both raised the 3 puppies, the one that didn't give birth was so maternal with them it was too precious. They had intended to keep all 3 pups, but it seems something bad has happened (retrenchment or something like that) and they are moving and selling stuff and can only keep 1 pup for their son now...

These dogs have been very well loved and cared for. I felt so bad for them all. But they seemed to like me and the fact that the dogs all leapt onto my lap and were all over me the whole time made them more at ease... and it felt nice (remember usually I am NOT a dog person. AT. ALL.) ... there is just something about a JR that melts me.

Anyway I have sent them photos already and have promised to keep in touch with progress... and they made me promise that if anything happens and I feel I can't keep her, to call them immediately any time... shame man! Confused Crying or Very sad

I actually hugged this big bear of a man, because I couldn't take his puppy without offering some support to him.


So the boys only met the puppy when I went to collect them from their dad this morning. They didn't even know I had her...

I took her out of the yard for a bit this morning - no lead nothing - she walked up the block, but then some big dogs barked and she ran home Laughing So I put her back inside and went for a run by myself.

I did around 7km (via 2 shops - no harnesses for small dogs). When I got home she seemed fine, but was barking at the sounds of the gardener over the wall. I decided to take her with me to go find a harness etc. We went to Pet Adventures (what a pricey shop!) and bought a harness, big cushion and 3kgs of puppy food, and then went to KC to Shoprite, The Crazy Store, & Perky Pets, where she got a leash and a few toys and a hoof to chew.

She sat quietly in my arms throughout the trip, and sat on my lap in the car or down in the foot well of the passenger seat on her towel. She only reacted and barked to the birds at the pet shop. But ignored the bunnies... Confused She is not bothered by people at all.

Then I phoned the boys to let them know I was on my way. They still had NO idea there was a puppy yet... Wink

The boys squealed when they saw her, and have really enjoyed her this afternoon.

We went to Noordhoek beach with friends who were taking their 3 big dogs. She met loads of other dogs and was fine with them all, not aggro nor too submissive. She stands her ground, or comes back to my legs if she feels intimidated. None of that rolling over with legs in the air and tail between legs stuff.

The boys initially liked the name Speedy, but then decided Roxy is better. So she is now Roxy.

Here are some more pics:

So far she is very calm, and not manic or crazy at all. I think she was a bit tired this afternoon as she didn't really get to nap and everything is so strange and new, but she really doesn't seem to be too hyper. YAY.



  1. Sounds like she's going to fit right in :)

  2. Awesome!! I think you will ALL be very happy with the new addition! Never seen the longer legged version of a JR!

  3. Jeanette so far she is fitting in beautifully (I am very pleasantly surprised).

    Lindy, thanks, but yes you have! Eddie from the show Frasier is a (Parson's) Jack Russell Terrier. ;)
    The one from the mask is a short-legged JR though...

  4. OK, she doesn't look too bad and your boys do look rather cute with her. I had to send Sweedles (rat) on her way yesterday, the tumour had grown as big as her own body and she was thin and looked too sick. I wish she had died naturally but after 5 months of seeing her so sick, I felt too badly for her. My girls don't know yet):

  5. Mel, sorry about Sweedles :( But it sounds like it was time for her to go. Thankfully ours didn't linger too long once the tumour started. Roxy is lovely so far... I really never expected to want or like a dog at all. :) and already it;s been worth it wrt Quinn and how he;s reacted. He is really nurturing her :)

  6. Hi Jane

    I follow your blog daily, but don't comment, are you able to send me your email address so I can chat to you offline?