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Wednesday, 24 September 2008

I am mean (and maybe shouldn't get a dog) ;)

There's a super silly and irritating little poodle thing that gets walked around our neighbourhood, never on a leash. For the past few years every frikken time it walks past, if our garage is open, it runs right into our yard, and will chase our cats and/or go right into our house, or whatever it wants. The silly woman who own him never says anything, or even acts apologetic AT ALL. Pretty rude if you ask me.

Tonight we got back from the shops and were all tired and starving and I found I had bought some wrong stuff... realising I'd have no other time to take it back I told the boys to hop back in the car so we could dash out to sort it out. None of us wanted to go, but it had to be done.

So I opened the garage (automatic) reversed out and pushed the button to close it, and this damn dog came running around the corner as the door was going down the last 1/3 and the bugger slipped in under it just as it closed. I thought 'screw it' and drove off anyway, deciding not to stop, open the door and try to get the dog out first. Knowing the stoopid dog was now locked inside my yard.
Twisted Evil Rolling Eyes Embarassed Laughing
As we drove off the owner came strolling around the corner none the wiser.

The boys agreed with me that the dog and owner needed to be taught a lesson. I knew we'd only be gone about 15 mins and I thought dog and owner might get a fright and/or be inconvenienced a bit and learn some manners.

So on the way home R phones me, his number was tracked down via a neighbour, and I told him what happened and he had a huge chuckle and agreed the dog is a pest and he has previously had to chase the thing around the yard to get it out while in a hurry to go somewhere.

So we get back and I decided to pretend I didn't know it had gone in (which very well could have been the case). The silly cow runs over as I opened the garage and said 'Oh thank god my dog has been STUCK in there!' and then took him and walked off!
No sorry, nothing.
Shocked Confused Rolling Eyes
I said 'Maybe you should teach him to stop running into my yard then.' I am not sure if she heard me or not.

Surely as a pet owner you stop your dog from doing something like that (repeatedly) and/or at least apologise for it? Surely? I mean just an 'Oops sorry my dog has run into your yard.... Come 'Fluff fluff' (or whatever lame name it has) don't go in there'. Would suffice. Tsk tsk.

p.s. The pup from the last post is now taken.
But there is another litter going, which will be ready in 2 weeks, and they seem a bit more pure bred. I need to think this through. Seem JR's are not easy pets at all, and most references say they are not ideal first dogs... hrm :/

Also of course since telling the boys a puppy may be an option they have been much worse behaved, instead of the better I was expecting.... I now have cheese on my ceiling! WTF!? I am thinking throwing a busy dog into this mix is just asking for trouble. Right!?


  1. YOH that would upset me Jane! I would have made sure she heard me! Its inconsiderate and RUDE!!

    mm on the puppy I wouldnt do it!! Its just going to add another thing for YOU to worry about!! Ok I dont really like dogs so am probably not the best person to offer advice!

  2. I thought you were going to say you reversed over the stupid mutt. DO NOT get a dog... butt smelling, chewing, barking, vets bills,hair everywhere, dog shite, monthly dogfood costs!!!