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Monday, 10 November 2008

G (I) Joe

Some people never learn... I cut Griffin's hair AGAIN.

He did actually ask me to do it, and I asked him if he was sure sure about 50 times.

He does actually like it, saying, 'Hey I look like a new man!'

More comments I heard them saying afterwards:

G: 'I look so funny.'

G: 'My face looks like a baby!'

Q: 'Griffin, Roxy doesn't know who you are.'

Q: 'You talk the same but you don't look the same.'

1 comment:

  1. wait, that's the same kid in all those pics! :-) My son did the same thing once. He got the major buzz cut. Now he grows it out long, like an Italian soccer star. We call him "Pirlo" after the AC Milan midfielder.