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Tuesday, 11 November 2008

We have a Tree/Playhouse!!!!

It arrived yesterday, PERFECTLY timed for Griffin's birthday today!

It was made possible thanks to a nasty break-in in the middle of the night about 2 months ago, and the subsequent payout I got for the stolen laptop. I decided to buy something less portable with the money. The insurance company has changed the way they work and they now pay the money out to a middle man and then you need to order stuff (anything really) through them. You can't just take the cash and use it for groceries - which honestly I probably would have ended up doing - knowing me. The laptop which was taken was an HP Tablet machine costing R19000 to replace! I really wasn't going to get another of those. It does no need to be portable and I wasn't going to spend R19000 on a PC. Despite being in IT I am actually not that much a technophile. And I hate having too much 'stuff' lying around. Probably because I already HAVE a lot of stuff lying around.

Anyway it occurred to me as the perfect opportunity to do something big like this, which I would probably never have the opportunity to consider again. I always wanted a wendy house growing up. I begged and begged for one, and even tried (unsuccessfully) to make my own. If we visited people with a tree house or wendy house I had to go play in it. So much as this is for the boys, it's really for me too (a bit like Roxy, hey?).

Fortuitously I have managed to time it perfectly so that it is G's birthday present, and the new PC will be Q's birthday present... they'll share them both. If it wasn't for that their presents would have been very small this year - I have just had far too many expenses recently (and am having trouble convincing my bank that I qualify for a sole bond for my house at the moment!!)

Anyway so the play house was met with much glee and excitement - and that was just ME! =)

Of course the despite the appalling weather - gale force winds, cold and now rain too.. The boys have insisted on sleeping in the playhouse fir the night. Had the weather been good I might have been fighting for a spot too, but frankly they were welcome to it last night!
I couldn't say no... it's FAR too exciting! I am not sure how much sleep they will have got, but they have been out their all night... I need to brave the rain to go wake them up now.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PUFFIN PIE!!!... ooops I mean GRAFFITI <- his only approved nick name.

Update: They slept there happily the whole night and said it was fine. Griffin even said he had 'a good night's rest.'


  1. Wow at them sleeping in it already!! Glad they like it :)
    Happy Birthday to G

  2. Oh my goodness...that was my childhood dream too lol That's AWESOME!!! They must love it. Happy happy birthday to your big boy Griffin

  3. I LOVE the treehouse, it's awesome.


  4. How totally cool Jane!!

    How did the sleeping go?

    Kiara has one too - she also wanted to sleep in it the first night!