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Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Market Day

Today has been a busy day. Our CRM project at work went Live, and at about the same time a memory resident virus rendered my laptop pretty much unusable. Our Network Engineer was too busy to help and our work AV software is pathetically useless, so I downloaded my own fixes and solved it myself *bow*. Still it took ages.

Then I FINALLY got around to applying for this year's Uncle Paul's Christmas Party. I had kind of intended to skip it this year, but I mentioned it to the boys and they both said they REALLY want to go, and since it is the last year they are eligible (age wise) I can't really say no. It is quite a magical evening for the kids and they really enjoy it. The only complication is the Rotary Club INSISTS you pay by cheque. WTF!? Who even has a cheque book anymore?? Why we can't pay by eft I will never know... So while the AV software was scanning my machine (all 250GB), I dashed off to the bank to get a bank cheque to pay with. This 5 min task took about an hour - grrr. They insisted that my signature needed to be verified, even though I pointed out that it was right there on both my bank card AND drivers license...Banks - HATE them! On the way out I got donuts for the team at work, to congratulate/reward them for the successful launch. So no one minded I'd been gone so long ;)

When I got home, Tiny told me the vacuum cleaner is now FUBAR. Yay another thing to replace!! Whatever :/ So when the boys went over the wall to go play at the neighbour's house, I snapped up the opportunity to go for a run to dis/re-charge. I ran to the gym and snuck a 20 minute session on the Power Plate. Love that thing! =)

Then ran home, started getting dinner sorted out, and then had to get started on Griffin's task for this week. His school is having a 'Market Day' later in the week, and he has to make something to take along to sell there. They said it could be anything, as long as the kids were involved in making it. I was a bit short on creative ideas, but was thinking at least something edible is likely to be popular. I was still a bit stumped until Griffin reminded me we could make our 'Christmas Cookies'. Of course! Every year in December we make a big batch of decorated cookies. Some of them go on our Christmas Tree, and a special one is saved to put out for 'Father Christmas', and the rest we snack on throughout December.

So this evening we got down to it, mixing up 4 different colours/flavours of cookie dough and making teddies and hearts. Apart from our stupid bloody oven - which always burns stuff on one side while it stays undercooked on the other - they turned out quite well.
Griffin had fun, and told me that he had the "Best Time" tonight. :)


  1. What a crazy day!!!!

    OOOHH those gingerbread men look awesome!! WELL DONE!!!

  2. wow, I'm exhausted even reading that!
    Love the biscuits you made, they're incredible.

  3. WOW for the biscuits. Tristan also has that market day nonsense later this month. I am helping him make chocolates.