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“The world is a tragedy to those who feel, but a comedy to those who think.” Horace Walpole

Saturday, 11 July 2009

Dork of Hazzard

Frik. I have become a hazard to myself. I swear I used to be much more sensible and together and now suddenly I am doing the stupidest things!

Like a fool I got a bee in my bonnet about cleaning the pool earlier while it was raining. By the time I wanted to put the chlorine in it was raining hard so I was flinging cupfuls at the pool from the Lapa. Fark just saying that I can see how bloody stupid that was...

Anyway so I went inside and a few minutes later my eyes were itching. Like a cat allergy itch. So I start rubbing them. Then I started sneezing, and then my nose was running etc etc. Eventually my eyes started swelling closed and I was thinking 'crap I am getting flu', but it came on in minutes. EVENTUALLY I realise 'holy shit it's the CHLORINE!' after I blew my nose and it was that yellowy green Hydrochloric acid colour.

So I just immersed myself in the bath and rinsed and rinse and snorted water etc etc.

I am mostly ok apart from irritated throat and very swollen eyes (think mumps type swelling). I can breathe etc fine.

I am such a twit really!

I was starting to panic mildly because when I was about 13 we visited someone in hospital who had inhaled chlorine and his lungs were full of fluid. He was in ICU for a while and in hospital for several days.

I may have a bit of that but for now I can definitely still inhale, though not very deeply. I think I am ok. My eyes were getting freaky swollen, but now they seem stable and may have gone down a little already.

My first worry about my lungs was that I won't be able to run tomorrow... I'm not addicted I swear.... um I can stop any time I like. Really! ;)

Second worry is that I look like a FREAK. Hahaha.


  1. Oh LOL, sorry, can't help laughing at you. i do really hope that you're ok by tomorrow.

  2. Jane, Jane, (smacking your cheeks) are you ok?

  3. Thanks guys. Yes I am fine now. It was the Chlorine. My eyes were still puffy and sore but way better this morning and now 28 hours later they seem almost back to normal. I was worried I might have had fluid on my lungs but I manged a decent treadmill run this morning without dying so I am FINE! YAY :) I will not be doing that again. Lesson learned.