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“The world is a tragedy to those who feel, but a comedy to those who think.” Horace Walpole

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Griffin turns 9!

My little baby Griffin turned 9 last Friday! Not so little anymore.

Unfortunately thanks to my injured ankle, and then finding out on his birthday that it was not just sprained but totally broken!. The plans I had for his birthday were somewhat thwarted and my options were limited, but we tried to make the best of it anyway.

Griffin's 9th Birthday Cupcakes. (I couldn't make a cake for himself thanks to the broken ankle issue)

His main present was a bicycle 24" Cosmic Avalanche, but the rest he got on the morning of his birthday... again broken ankle limited my ability to get his gifts wrapped properly, but he didn't seem to mind. :)

Griffin got a certificate for FABULOUS reading. ;)

Family portrait on Griffin's birthday.

That evening we went to the cubs & scouts camp fire which was quite fun. I even coerced another couple into scoring some contra-band beers and sneaking them in which we drank on the sly! ;)


  1. Looks like you guys had fun :)

    And well done to G on the reading!

    PS - I have changed the link on my blog roll!

  2. Despite everything it looks like he had a great birthday.