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Saturday, 20 November 2010

Quinn - crook or super entrepreneur!?

So this child of mine... I can not decide whether he is a crook or super entrepreneur!?

A week or 2 ago he found a 1 US Dollar bill at home and asked if he could have it. So I gave it to him. I asked the other day where it was and he told me he'd swapped it at school for: a toasted cheese & ham sandwich, high-5 juice & packet of chips, so stuff to the value of about R20. The dollar is worth less than R7!

Then he came home from our neighbour last Sunday with R27, for doing chores. Weeding & picking up all the dog-poop. Because the neighbour's son T, didn't want to help or do anything at home. And Quinn piped up and said he'd do it and then did, so he got rewarded by the dad for all the work. (T was a bit PO'ed and accused Q of trying to take his parents away from him. Oops. Shame I remember that age... I think it's all blown over now though.)

Finally this week he said he found a R5 coin in the playground. But not just ANY R5 coin, he said it was a 'Nelson Mandela head' R5 which according to him are 'worth much more than the normal ones', and he sold it to someone for R20!  :shock:  I asked him who he'd sold it to thinking he'd conned a grade 1 or something, but it was someone in his class. Which I guess is fair game.

Should I be proud or worried about this child and his ability to wheedle a deal anytime anyhow?


  1. I think it's great!!! Good on him :)

  2. I think you have a great business man there.