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Friday, 26 November 2010

Honest estate agents - GRATITUDE!!!

2 agents came to value my house for me on Tues, with the intention to sell it, as I put in an offer on a smaller cheaper house on Mon - same agency as the one I was to buy through, so they'd all score big time from me as buyer and seller.

The main agent who came is a very well known top performing old duck too. Been in the business for 30+ years etc.

Anyway they looked, they listened, and we talked and they have said MY house is a way better investment and since this is my nest egg they'd advise me to keep this and not give it up as it hasn't realised its potential yet and they don't want me to lose my main asset and be in difficulty later. In their words 'rather keep it and struggle', they also gave some cool ideas for changes and ideas for possibly making a cottage with rental income potential etc if I really need it.

I seriously never expected them to be looking out for ME at all. Honestly (and I used to work for the company they represent for years and am very loyal to it and I still think agents are money hungry sharks) I just thought they'd try to screw me over and make a quick buck off me. I am super impressed.

They will even help me to get out of the other offer IF it is accepted (and for me not be in breach because of it) if it is not gong to make 100% financial sense for me to go forward.

I am overwhelmed by how nice and caring and helpful people are being to me atm. It almost makes me tearful. I am SO used to being screwed over and cheated and lied to that I am so surprised when people don't do that. It is such an awesome feeling.


  1. Wow ... that doesn't happen often. It's so nice that they looked at your situation and handled it so well.

  2. Hey jane!
    Wow that is something! Please can you tell me what agency it is?
    We've just had a shocking experience with one! :-(

    So glad that they were so awesome to you :-D