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Friday, 14 February 2014

13 week Update - Fetal Anatomy Scan

I was a little nervous of this scan, because my risk stats didn't seem very good. And while I declined all genetic screening for my children it was very important to the parent of this baby that there are no issues...

My bloods apparently came back looking good and lowered all my age-risks by a huge amount. So my downs risk went from like 1:87 to 1:685.

Then the scan was PERFECT. It was very very detailed and loads of things were checked and it was all 100% fine. No issues or even uncertainties. Everything measured spot on, as it should, and exactly on date.

My final down's risk is 1:1680 or something and apparently based on all the numbers and calcs my risk rating is the same as that for a normal 15 year old! So her conclusion is that I am fit and healthy and have no issues at all.  :)

The only slight thing, was that a girl was hoped for, and it is indeed a BOY. I asked if there was any disappointment and I was told no. And I don't think there is. I think we'd got a bit worked up over stats and risks that frankly the relief at all being FINE and normal is the overriding thing and gender was/is less relevant really.

So really all looking good and it's a huge sigh of relief for me. I was more nervous than I have ever been for scan going in. 

So the pregnancy continues and I'll need to start letting more people know. I think it's already quite obvious actually!