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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Catch-up Post - Gallivanting in West Beach Florida Jan 2014

So while we were stuck in Florida, not having a dream US holiday at all because of the storms up North, A's BIL Jon (who lives in Boston) decided I needed some fun, adventure and excitement and so he abducted me for the afternoon. Literally, he carried me out the house over his shoulder.

He insisted on taking me on a personal sightseeing tour of West Palm Beach, complete with visiting the obscenely opulent yachts in the marina and having a slice of 'New York Style' pizza.

But our first stop was to his favourite Cuban hangout (where he is enamoured with the chicitas that run the place) to get us strong Cuban coffee and cigars. I was allowed to not smoke my half of cigar, but I did have to hold it and puff on it, for effect. ;)

So here's me being all bad-ass with my cigar. :twisted: 8) :lol:
J not smoking or drinking coffee-md.jpg

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