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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

So I told my boss my news today


I was so so nervous. She is the head of our company and I respect and admire her hugely. I had a mental block about telling her as I was worried she'd be horrified/disappointed/upset with me or whatever. But we had a very open chat and I told her the circumstances etc and she was so nice about it.

She actually said 'I really think you are a remarkable woman'. 

So while as a contractor there are no guarantees, and I told her I understand if there are consequences because of my choices.

So while we'll have to see what happens with me and the company between now and when I have to go off, she said she'd hate to have to replace me in my role and if we can make a plan so that I have 4-5 weeks OFF and then just ease back in a few hours a week she can see that it could work... so hopefully all will be good there.

Whew! So now I need to tell everyone else cos people are definitely starting to look at me a bit skeef now. She actually said for the first time this week she has thought 'there's something different' about me, but she wasn't sure what and her mind did not even consider pregnancy as a possibly at all. LOL!

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