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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

15-week check-up

I had my first proper appointment with my midwife today. It's the third time I have seen her now. First at the interview, then at the home-birth gathering on Sunday, and this was my first actual pre-natal check-up with her. 

I love her, and I am happy that she is my chosen midwife now. It feels very right.

Again just to contrast (not criticize, just contrast. Each person needs to go with the model of care they want, and like the most, and feel most 'safe' in) the difference between a midwife visit and a doctor's visit ...

A typical Doctor's visit. You sit in the waiting room and wait wait wait for ages. Usually between 20-40 minutes past your appointment time. They usher you in. You have a brief fairly formal discussion about how you are, any issues, concerns, questions. Then you get Blood pressure, heart rate and urine tested, maybe a quick ultrasound check too. You might be weighed. All ok? Yay, ok off you go, make another appointment with secretary, pay (R800-1200). You're with doc for 10-30 mins max usually.

A typical Midwife visit. As you arrive they come out and greet you with a hug. Chat about whatever it was you said or felt last time they saw you. They ask how you are feeling. Not just physically but emotionally too. They probe a bit, and you find yourself talking about all sorts of things you hadn't expected to. Revealing and rather relevant stuff it turns out*. You talk about the road ahead and how you imagine it playing out and how they usually operate and any recent stories they have from appointments and birth, these might spark other discussion points or questions. Eventually you start the actual 'formal' check-up. BP, heart rate, weight, urine testing is done. Then fundal height is measured and fundus palpitated to 'feel' what's happening. Baby's heart rate checked with doppler. Your tummy is gently and lovingly massaged with lavender oil. It smells and feels great and you are deeply relaxed. More chatting, the paperwork is done. Next appointment scheduled. You are given a big long hug and sent on your way feeling happy, light and glowy. You check your watch and you have been in there for 1.5 hours. The charge R450 (following appointments will be R250).

This is what I want, this is what I love. I am healthy and going through a natural process. I don't want to be treated like a medical patient, I want to be nurtured and supported through it.

I love this approach. It is ME.

<3 <3 <3

* One of the things that came up today is how much (most) of my life is VERY mental, rational, left-brain, controlled, organised, structured and pretty 'male', and yet I have this very internalised but STRONG feminine side that is free-spirited natural, primal, earthy and non-thinking. And it just basks in pregnancy and birth and is probably why I am so compelled and drawn to it, because it gives me license to express and embrace my feminine side unashamedly. It was a bit of an ah-ha moment for me actually.

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