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Friday, 7 February 2014

Running to stand still...

So I had very high hopes and intentions of running through this pregnancy. I had a fantasy that instead of being  a pregnant whale I'd be in shape and have a cute bump - not the gargantuan lumbering mounds I had with my 2 boys... that was the theory anyway.

It lasted all the way to week 7. Up to that point I was running every day and was pretty fit and in shape. And then the nausea hit. And boy did it hit hard. And it brought it's brother nausea and it's other brother nausea and it's cousin extreme fatigue with it!!!

OMG. I went from fit, healthy and running everyday to wanting to die, sick & tired. Just getting through the day was a mission and accomplishment. Actually doing anything more than I HAD to (which was basically get the kids to school and get myself to work and back) was near on impossible. Even shopping and cooking were pretty much abandoned. I felt barely alive, a lot of the time I just wanted to die.

I just felt horrid. ALL THE TIME. I wanted to throw up all the time, and a lot of the time I did. The rest of the time I just wanted to sleep. When that's happening, 'going for a run' is the last thing on your priority list.

Then I found heat made me feel more sick - it's mid-summer here. Being outside is hot, being active outside is REALLY hot. It just didn't work. At all.

The other thing I found (as per my previous 3 pregnancies) is that the only thing that helps the nausea is eating. As in the actual act of eating. When I stop I feel even worse. So I kinda just started grazing. All. The Time.

Great combination of effects. So to summarise. Lots of eating, no exercise and lots of lying around sleeping. Go me.

I have yet to weigh myself, but there's no doubt I have gained weight. In fact I am struggling to hide it at work now. I am pretty sure people are wondering why I am suddenly eating so much and gaining weight like I am. LOL.  :oops: 

Anyway I am now 12 weeks along, and while I am by no means out of the woods, and still feel grim, and vomit almost every morning. I am feeling MUCH better for the most part.

I have even managed to drag my fat lazy butt out for a few decent walks in the past 2 weeks. (And was stiff afterwards - LOL - can you believe it!?)

Tonight, off I went at 19:15 - it's cooler after 19:00 - and the planets somehow all aligned so that:
- I felt ok
- It was cool
- There was NO WIND (VERY rare) and then 
- Some great music started playing on my iPOD and 
- It started raining. 
I decided to try a little trot, lest I get stuck far away from home in a down pour. And would you believe it, I was soon trotting away in a little rhythm. Granted it was not fast, but still. I was RUNNING! WooHoo!

It may sound silly, but after not being able to run AT ALL for about 4 weeks, and assuming that that was it till after this pregnancy, you have no idea how good it feels to find I can still plod along gently. In the end I did about 6.5kms of which probably 3.5 was running. Still it is something.

Oh happy day. Maybe this means I don't have to turn into a complete whale after all. One can only hope hey? ;)

Now excuse me while I go find something to graze on...


  1. You are pregnant!?!?
    Where on earth had I been hiding that I didn't know this!!! Oh my soul!!! Congratulations!!!

  2. It was the total nausea that actually got to me every time. To stop exercising every time

  3. LOL thanks Mel. Yeah I decided my blog was boring so needed some more spicy news. :P