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Sunday, 4 November 2007

Birth Buddies - Giving Back

Doing the doula work I have over the past year has been really rewarding. All of it. But the best part has got to be the volunteer work I have done. Sure it's tiring, very emotional and doesn't help to pay the bills, but there is nothing that compare to that feeling that you made a difference in someone's life and helped someone who had nothing, have that much nicer and kinder an experience. It is so worth it.

Our doula organisation is meeting on Tuesday, for the last meeting of the year. Part of this session is to prepare gift bags to donate to the hospital I volunteer at, to give needy new moms something in the days and weeks surrounding Christmas. I think it's a brilliant gesture and I am happy to help with it.

The idea was to beg, borrow and steel stuff, and sew up bags from scraps of fabric etc.

Now I am not (no longer) into the sewing lark. No thanks. In fact Richard uses my sewing machine FAR more than I do in the last 8 years or so. LOL. Also I am terrible at asking for donations. I just can't bring myself to do it. There are so many people asking, and SO many worthy causes.... No I just can't!

So here are my gift bags...
I did 3 girl bags and 3 boy bags.Each one contains:
- 5x newborn nappies
- 1x face cloth
- 1x bottle of lotion
- 1x newborn baby vest
- 1x baby hat
- 1x baby toy
- 1x feeding cup
(No dummies or bottles)
It seems like such a little now, I hope it will be helpful though. :)

* I guess at this rate I'll have to stick to my day job! ;)


  1. That's awesome Jane! I don't think they're small at all.

  2. That is fantastic. I really admire you for doing that.

  3. What a wonderful gesture...the moms are definately going to appreciate the gifts.
    Well done :)