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Friday, 30 November 2007

Quinn - Grade 2 finished

Well Quinn has just completed Grade 2 and is deemed ready to progress to Grade 3. Well done Quinn. I am so proud of you!!!

This is Quinn starting Grade 2 early this year:
These were his Grade 1 results last year followed by this year's results for comparison.

Grade 1 TERM
Mark Description 2 3 4
1 Not able to fulfill Learning Outcome 0 0 0
2 Able to fulfill Learning Outcome with basic support 3 1 2
3 Able to fulfill Learning Outcome 16 13 10
4 Learning Outcome Consistently Fulfilled at a high level 0 6 8

Grade 2 TERM
Mark Description 2 3 4
1 Not Achieved 0 0 0
2 Partial Achievement 3 0 0
3 Satisfactory Achievement
17 18 15
4 Outstanding/Excellent Achievement 1 3 6

He has done really well getting all 3's and 4s for the last 3 terms and going from 3 4's to 6 4s this term. He has 'Always' and 'Often' for all his life skills to, which are the equivalent of 3s and 4s for those. So he is doing really really well, especially considering that he is the youngest in the grade.

His teacher also commended him for always trying his best. Which is all I would ever ask of him.

He slacked of a little on his recorder work this term, but got 70% anyway (89% last term), without even trying, or practising. Sadly he is giving it up, even though he has a good musical aptitude.

He wrote a Christmas wish list which was included with his report and it says:

'I would like solder pads and nee pads for my skatbord. Some DVDs. Some competer games. Sweets. A R11111000000000000 and a play stashan and games.' LOL.

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