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Friday, 30 November 2007

Christmas Cookies for Everyone

5 Years ago I stared our own family tradition of making Christmas Cookies. We don't do mince pies, Christmas Cakes or any of those other typical Christmas traditions, and somehow the baking of our cookies has become a ritual here. ( Last year's Cookies)

I used to make them myself when the boys were little, then the boys started watching eagerly, and now the 3 of us muck in together and it's become a family activity we enjoy together and we are getting more and more creative with them.

We make a big batch of cookies, using some of them to decorate our Christmas Tree, some of them to nibble on during December and a special one is always kept safely to be put out on Christmas Eve for Father Christmas.

Today I told the boys I'd be able to fetch them from school early for break up day and gave them several choices of things we could do this afternoon, including Ice Skating, Going to the Beach, Playing Cricket or Baking the Cookies, they both unanimously agreed the Cookies it would be, and so it was.

I divided our dough into 4 this year and made 4 different colours and flavours they were:
- Peanut Butter - pale
- Banana - Yellow
- Chocolate - Brown
- Cinnamon - Red

We added Smarties, Raisins, Cashew Nuts, Chocolate Sprinkles and chips, Cherries, and other sweeties.

This is the result:

They are busy cooling and I'm off to make some tea now so we can sample them.

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