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Monday, 26 November 2007

Day at the beach

Well, Cape Town has now had 4 hours of summer - they were between 10am and 2pm yesterday, hope you didn't miss them - where there was both warmth and NO WIND!!!

The boys and I grasped the opportunity with both hands and dashed off to our bi-annual excursion to the beach. Somehow we are not beach people... Griff and I burn too easily, and the weather is always either too hot, too cold, too windy, too something.... but yesterday as in Goldilocks fashion it was JUST RIGHT.

We went to Fish Hoek, as I gave the boys a choice of; 'Stunning Beach - cold water' i.e. Camps Bay, or 'Ok beach, warmer water' ie.e Fish Hoek. They wisely chose the warmer water.

We found these weird jelly things on the beach, anyone know what they are? When we got brave the boys picked one up and it's literally nothing but jelly. Griffin brought some pieces home in a container and is besotted with them. He walks around muttering 'I love my jelly fish' and 'I always wanted jelly fish, and now I have them!'. He dropped one in the pool and was quite in a state that the creepy crawly would eat it up, we had to turn it off until he had retrieved his precious jelly fish! ;)
Quinn looking like he's in a James Bond movie ;)Tough job, but someone had to do it!


  1. Why is it that so many people who live near the beach don't like it? Just weird lol Looks like you guys had a great time

  2. Looks like you had fun. I'm very jealous! Those are jelly fish, or parts of a jelly fish, and they can sting badly.

  3. Jenty, that's what I thought - re stinging, so we gave them a wide berth for ages. But when we saw other kids playing with them, we investigated and fund them to just be lumps of inert jelly. So they are dead and/or dismembered. There were no tentacles on them or anything.

  4. We were in Cape Town this weekend too and it was lovely weather - I even burnt a bit on my nose and cheeks :)
    LOL at the Jelly Fish landing in the pool and the creepy eating it, I'm glad he got it out. Cool photo's Jane!!!