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Saturday, 17 November 2007

Quinn off on a Cub Camp Out

Quinn went on his first ever cub camp out last night. He was a bit nervous and reluctant initially, but on the day he was quite keen to go.

All packed and ready to go....
Quinn leaving home... oh they grow up so fast!
He was walking to his other school friend's house who is also a cub and who's dad was going along to the cub out.

He came back at lunch time today and evidently had a fantastic time. He said it was fun. He's been singing camp fire songs all afternoon .. you know the ones 'My eyes are dim I can not see, I have not brought my specks with me...'

They were also taken on a tug boat in the harbour and went out to ship to collect a pilot who was coming to shore. Exciting stuff!


  1. Oh just look at him. WHEN do they get to be so big so quickly! Glad he had a good time

  2. How exciting :)
    He looks very cute in his cub outfit I must say....