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Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Who is the coolest kid on the block??

Quinn is!

Look who is the coolest kid on the block! Quinn with his 'it's not actually your' birthday present.*

An ultra cool pro skateboard brought back from the states by dad.
Made by Jason Lee (of My Name is Earl fame)'s skate company! RAD!

First try on the board

First fall!

This should be fun for the whole family!

I am very impressed that both boys have asked for sporty gifts this year, and both chose something different so they could share. No toys were requested. So we decided to get them decent quality things that will last well.

Quinn's birthday is actually on 3 January, but long story... in consultation with Griffin they decided to share Griffin's Birthday on Monday so that Quinn could get his 'big present' now. (Because he knew Dad was bringing it back from the states and he didn't want to wait nearly 2 months and we decided he might as well have it for the whole holidays.) They are having a joint party in December and they colluded to get their main presents now, have a big party with all their friends in December and then have their 'small birthday' in January. I have conceded because they planned and negotiated it so well, but I've told them this is a once off and won't be happening every year!


  1. Really cool gift, and very clever on his part. Hope he's still going to be happy when it's his real birthday though.

  2. That is nice of you to give him his gift early so he can enjoy it the whole holidays...I'm sure he is going to have lots of fun on it and I'm sure a few tumbles too :)