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Monday, 1 December 2008

The Egg Donor Article

So the article I spoke about has been published, you can read it here:
Onvrugbare vroue kom goedkoop reg in SA

It's ok (just skim read so far, Afrikaans is HARD ;) ) But at least one of the comment is out of context. I love the way they load their questions and then report on what they want to.*rolls eyes* With reference to whether the risks were high I agreed that there are some risks and that some of them are quite scary - as with pretty much everything in life, and certainly any op - but that the probability of those occurring was pretty low...



  1. it would irritate me a lot if people took things I said out of context.

  2. Jax, in my (admittedly fairly limited experience) I have found that the journalist usually knows what they want to say already anyway but they want a 'quote' so they contact you, ask you a loaded question and then lift the bits they want out of your answer. The same thing happened when Fairlady contacted me to ask if I think doulas are better than dads in the delivery room. I gave a LOOONG and detailed response saying that I don't think they should replace a willing dad at ALL, but she still quoted me as supporting her premise. What can you do?