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Friday, 12 December 2008

SA Music FTW!

I got a Look & Listen Voucher for R700 after our recent break-in as I lost a few CDs from my car.

I had the music on my pc so I had no urgent need to replace them. So I thought I would get gift vouchers with my credit note and/or some PC games for Quinn for his birthday to go with the (replacement) PC he is getting.

So while we were supposed to be doing our Christmas shopping on Wednesday - which was attempt 2 after Monday's EPIC FAIL, I decided to pop into L&L to get the vouchers etc. Well as it turned out I could not get vouchers, or PC games, or anything except music CDS. Crap and bugger.

Now I have access to several GB of music via a share drive at work, and I can and do download music off the Internet too... BITE ME OK!? So this seemed like a massive waste to me...

Until I realised I could stock up on some of the frikken awesome SA music that is out there because:
1) The Local music rocks
2) It is not easily available for download on the usual places on the Internet
3) I do actually want to support SA musicians financially. I go to loads of music events, and I have bought both Parlotones CDs and their t-shirt etc.
4) I am proudly South African

So I went to the SA music section and came away with:
- Jax Panic - Cigarettes & Cinnamon
- Max Normal.TV - Good Morning South Africa
- Stealing Loves Jones - Bleed to Bloom
- (Stealing) Loves Jones - Love Jones
- Fokofpolisiekar - As Jy Met Vuur Speel Sal Jy Brand
- The Dirty Skirts - On a Stellar Bender



  1. nice variety you've chosen there.

  2. That's fokofpolisiekar's best album. It takes some getting used to, but it's worth while.

  3. Don't forget Ma Cherie..Freshly Ground. Great CD

  4. Gillian: I already have Freshly Ground x2 and The Parlotones x2 :)

    Would also get Louise Carver, Goldfish, Just Jinjer, Watershed... etc :)