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“The world is a tragedy to those who feel, but a comedy to those who think.” Horace Walpole

Monday, 8 December 2008

Week-ends FTW!

This week-end was busy and fun filled.

After several days of planning and organising to be ready for a full week-end, on Friday I dashed home, made a cake - which didn't turn out AT ALL as planned, and I got a nice injury in the process - for the boys' party on Saturday. I have loved making their cakes up to now, but I am starting to think buying them might be a good idea in future! I then packed everything (including the kitchen sink, the party stuff and overnight bags etc) into my car, and the boys Roxy and I headed out to Jacques' place in the South Peninsula, where we were to be spending the night. I took the coastal route which is a stunning drive and nice way to spend the early evening.

On arrival we were dragged down to the Navy obstacle course where we were put through our paces, scaling cargo nets, balancing on beams, running, climbing and in my case falling and colliding with things too. I may be willing, but I am not very able! Picture me hurtling towards a suspended barrel and attempting to leap over it, but instead just actually running full tilt into it! LMAO.

After that we went down to the pub for a couple of drinks and socialising with friends, while the boys played in the play area. I ended up rolling around on the bean bags and on the jumping castle too in the end. A little girl came up to me after a while and said 'Aren't ADULTS not allowed on the Jumping Castle?'. I said obnoxiously, 'What? I am like 12!'

On Saturday morning I had a little run with Jacques' dog - Sirius, and then we packed the boys up and we trundled off to set up their combined birthday party at the Muizenberg Water slides. We had less kids than last year, but I think there were about 18 in the end, which was a nice size. Enough, but not too many to keep track of. The water slides is a GREAT venue for a party, if the kids can swim and are happy to slide unsupervised. They literally disappear for ages and just slide and slide and slide until they are totally finished and then they come eat quietly. You don't have to entertain them or calm them down or do much at all. Which really helps when you are having to do the whole party single handedly. It was really easy and fun. Jacques also joined us at the party later on. This year the invited guests left on time (last year we had 30+ kids, some of whom were quite little still, and they stayed forever) and I had time to actually go on the slides myself, for the first time. I had such fun! Quinn was thrilled that he could slide with me and we raced down a few times. With me mock-wrestling him to beat him.

Griff then went home with Beryl for a sleep over and Quinn went home with me where we unpacked and sorted things out. I then dropped him of at a friend's house for his sleep over and then went home to clean the pool, water the garden, and rinse my car off etc - multi-tasking is me. I never just sit and do nothing at home, unless copious time-wasting on my laptop counts?? ;) Anyway then I got ready to go out.

Finally Jacques arrived to collect me and we then went off to to the Obs Fest. I missed it last year so I was looking forward to it. We walked up and down the main road and then eventually settled on the Rock area on the 'village green'. We missed aKING unfortunately, but saw 'Nine' - not very good, and Hog Hoggity Hog - who I really liked. They have a lot of 'pluck'. It was fun watching the people in the crowd especially some odd rasta dudes who while they looked 100% Rasta were really rocking hard. We drank beer, laughed, and snogged like teenagers. Fun!

Jacques bought a cool Laugh It Off T-shirt ripping of Chlorettes - 'Tourettes - Fucking Breath Mints Shit Head!' I love it!

After another night of drinking and going to bed far too late, plans of getting a good (or even any) run in on Sunday morning were totally thwarted and staying in bed won by a mile, followed by a swim. It was hot hot hot yesterday.

Then it was up to pack and head off for an entire day in Kirstenbosch. Starting with the BabyNet End of Year Gathering where many of the usual suspects were in attendance as well as some new faces. I didn't take very many photos, and we arrived rather late missing being in the photos the others took.

Once the BN crowd dispersed the boys and I set up camp in a shady spot and just RELAXED. Something I have not done much of recently. Somehow I am always busy doing something. Yesterday I just lay in the shade. I thought, chatted to the boys and on the phone, contemplated my navel, and finally bought a magazine, and then imagined romantic trips to French Countryside cottages.... or Paternoster! :P

At 4pm we braved the sun and heat and headed to the Summer Sunset Concert area which was already pretty crowded. We found a spot right near the front and set up camp and I decided it was officially time for a drink drink. :) We bumped into several friends and colleagues as they came and went, it was packed! Freshly Ground were playing and I thought they were really good. We had a lot of fun, and when the boys came back from playing in the Kid Zone - Quinn brought back a balloon flower for me, very sweet - they danced with me and I took turns carrying them on my shoulders.
After the concert we stayed on and picniced some more, finally getting home after 8pm. Rather sun-snogged, but happy. It was a pretty perfect week-end. It just would have been more perfect if I had had a decent run, but I did that this evening, plus some power plate actions so I am satisfied ;P


  1. You guys have the BEST fun!!

    There always seems to be something on the go in Cape Town that you can actually take kids too!!

    Sat night sounds AMAZING!

  2. Sounds completely FUN and awesome.

  3. Thanks guys it was awesome, and Cape Town is a fun place to be. There is a lot to see and do and best of all a lot of it is not expensive (although there is some very expensive stuff too), but you can walk in mountains, go to beach etc. And there is always some or other festival or fete on too. I love it.