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Monday, 16 February 2009

Griff's First Athletics Day & Q an old hat.

It was the boy's school's inter-house athletics event on Friday. I have managed to go each of the past 3 years to support Quinn. This year I am a single working mom, so I wasn't sure I could pull it off to be there, although I was hoping I could... I spoke to Griffin in the morning and told him I would try but couldn't promise, and in his usual sweet and no-fuss way he said, 'It's ok, I don't mind. I don't want your boss to fire you'. Awww.(He can be either super sweet or super stubborn and grumpy).

His race was scheduled for 08:45. I really felt like I had to go through. Especially after making a point of going for Q previously... But well work is exceptionally hectic and we are short staffed atm. So I got to work and got stuck in. Next thing Mike came to my desk and I looked at the clock and it was 08:55. Faaaaarking hell! Poor Mike got brushed off and I literally grabbed my bag and ran out the door and tore to the school fields (about 3km away). I ran across the fields and found Griff sitting in the centre of the field. They were still lined up and hadn't run yet. They were running late. YAY yay yay!!! I would have felt SO bad if I'd missed the poor guy. He grinned widely when he saw me. I snuck him a sweetie to give him some energy, and well just as a little treat.

G in his athletics gear. I could NOT find a proper house vest for him. So that was a Mr Price laddies SS top with the arms cut off. Still way too big so I had to pin it up... he is going to hate me when he looks at these pics in a few years ! ;)

I made my way to the end of their track and waited for his race and 2 teachers tried to make me leave - saying I wasn't allowed to be there on the field. Listen ladies, I nearly had a coronary to be here, I don't really care. I have stood there for the past 3 years and I was bloody well going to do it again.

Griffin's race finally started and the poor boy nearly missed the start because he was looking here and there and everywhere rather than getting ready to run! *rolleyes* Then when he got going he was just jogging and not even running fast. He came stone cold last. In fact it was as if he was running his own race, because the others finished and he was only about half way. LOL. He didn't seem to notice or care. So not quite an Olympic athlete then, my boy. Shame. :)

After that there was an announcement that anyone not 'authorised' to be on the inside of the track must immediately leave and stay in the stands. Ja ja ja, whatever, I was going anyway. Pah! ;) I really am not one of those annoying in your face moms, but I do like to be at these things and take a shot or 2, and it's been fine up to now, I mean I make sure to keep well out of the way. Not sure why they were so anal this year though...?

Anyway I retreated to the stands as per the orders and Quinn found me there. Being in Grade 4 he is no longer ushered and shepherded around and they were freely roaming the stands in their 'house' singing and socialising and watching the proceedings.

We chatted for a bit and then I really needed to leave, so I couldn't stay for Quinn's race. He didn't seem to mind though. As I was leaving he asked if I had bought a sweet or something for him. But I had just had the one I gave G which had been lying in my car. So Q snuck of with me when I left and came to my car to get a few Rand to take to the tuck shop. He was rather chuffed about that.

I was so glad I managed to be there even if it was such a short while. I was back at work within about 30 minutes and I don't think my director even noticed I was gone. Yay :)


  1. oh Jane!! Man you are such an awesome mom!! And you can tell just by looking at your boys!

  2. You're very lucky that you could be there in time!! Very cool mom!

  3. At our school AALLL the moms (and dads lol) go to wait for the kids at the finish line. Glad you got there on time :) I'm sure it meant the world to him

  4. i so love to try and attend everything the knucklehead is involved in! bully for you!