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Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Maths homework = FAIL

OK, so Quinn is now learning about division in maths in Grade 4 and their homework was to practice division by 0, 1 & 2... Sounds simple enough right? .... Er no, think again!

I am sorry, I did up to 3rd year varsity maths, and last time I checked division by zero was mathematically impossible!!

So did the rules of physics change while I wasn't paying attention or what!? Wink Rolling Eyes

*shakes head*

I told Quinn to ask his teacher if she is insane, because it is not possible. I hope he actually doesn't.... Embarassed Laughing

Computer Says NO!


  1. LOL. Funny that! Love the pictures :)

  2. Then why is Quintus learning this in Grade 3? I'm going to tell the school they must stop their crap and wait till next year ;)

    Divide by zero? Thankfully they don't teach them that!

  3. i also thought it was impossible- a "divide by zero" error makes a stored procedure for running a report fall over every time!